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Review: Tigana


The best part about crowd-sourcing my summer reading list is that there’s a lot of sci-fi and fantasy on it. If I were only allowed to read one genre for the rest of my life, SF/F would be it. If some nitpick pointed out that that’s actually two genres (because, well, it is), I’d cheerfully pick […]

By virtue of the fact that there’s something to read in every room in my house, I do manage to squeak in a few extra books each month (those 5-minute intervals add up). My most recent “bonus book” is Ellen Litman’s Mannequin Girl, an 80s coming-of-age story set in the Soviet Union. We meet the protagonist, […]

WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN. Ahem. That is to say, this isn’t a book you read casually. Here’s your litmus test. Did you like Dune? Awesome. Do you want to read a book that sees your Dune and raises you Judith Butler? If your answer was “Challenge accepted,” Stars is going to be your cup of tea. […]

Even though I’ve spent half of my adult life in graduate school studying literature, and the other half working in a library, there’s still a lot of classic books and authors I’ve managed to miss. Milan Kundera is one of them, so I was super-excited to see one of his titles on the crowdsourced summer […]

Let’s do the numbers first, so I can tell you about my summer reading project! Due to a lot of work commitments, my May totals were down from the norm. Still, I managed to squeak out 9 novels and 4 non-fiction works, for a monthly total of 13. This brings the grand YTD totals up […]

Reading biography and memoir is a great way to learn about people very much unlike yourself, people whose life experiences you don’t share. By spending time with people who are very different from you, you gain a sense of just how diverse people’s lived experiences actually are. You also learn all sorts of things that […]

If you really want to start an argument online, bring up the topic of print versus digital in a community of readers and watch the fur fly. Though there will be a few moderate voices who agree the formats can co-exist peacefully, the conversation will most likely be polarized into two camps: those who believe […]