Summer’s End Reading Tally


Well. That was a damn good time. More fun than I’ve had reading in ages.

When recommending books is a big part of how you earn your living, reading for pleasure can fall by the wayside. You read a lot of reviews, and you read 50 pages of everything you can get your hands on, in order to be able to sum it up and recommend it to someone else. And a book has to be pretty freaking brilliant for you to finish it.

But with the summer reading project, I got to be the person getting advice, which opened me up to a LOT of books I would have never picked up on my own. Not only will this make me a better reader’s advisor, it also gave me a little break from the status quo. Hearts! Unicorns! Rainbows!

Taste the rainbow.

Yeah, it’s like that. GIF from the rabbit hole of tumblr.

Ahem. So, yes, a good time. Let’s crunch some numbers. These are my totals for the year, heading into fall/winter:

Fiction: 64

Non-fiction: 31

Poetry: 9

Drama: 2

Graphic Novels: 3

Grand total = 109 books.

That’s more than I read all last year, so I’m guessing my friends are great motivators, too. I have plans to finish all the books they suggested that I didn’t get to (next year I think I’ll cap the number of suggestions, as they clearly had more than I could reasonably read in a summer).

Coming up for fall: I’d like to finish the biggest challenge I’m working on, For Harriet’s 100 Books by Black Women Everyone Must Read. I’ve already started my next book, and hope to report back soon.

How was your summer reading? Any plans or high hopes for fall?


4 Responses to “Summer’s End Reading Tally”

  1. 1 paperback writer

    I managed to read half of what was on my nightstand…but also managed to put just as many books on the nightstand. I’ll call it a win. 😉

  2. 3 Sarah Louise (aka SuziWalks)

    Well, I’ve read 6 out of 100. Was thrilled to see some books from the Black Women Writers class I took in college, notably “Home Girls.” I remember reading Jubilee and an essay by Margaret Walker…she was upset about Roots being made into a miniseries b/c it meant her book probably wouldn’t be. Librarian superpowers: she actually sued Alex Haley for borrowing from her book for Roots but case was dismissed.

    • Ai yai. How awful for her. 😦 It’s been a great reading experience this year, and if I don’t finish the list by the end of 2014, I’ll stick to it anyway.

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