Review: Poor Little Dead Girls


In a wild swing over to the other side of the reading spectrum we have Lizzie Friend’s Poor Little Dead Girls, a comparatively lightweight YA thriller you can zip through in a few hours. That’s not a complaint: sometimes you just want to read for fun, and PLDG fits the bill for readers’ whose idea of fun is colored by money, power, secret societies, and private school shenanigans.

Click through to read an interview with Friend

Spotted at Jean Book Nerd. Click through to read an interview with Friend.

Our heroine, Sadie, has just started attending a posh private school on a lacrosse scholarship. Not used to the lifestyle of the rich and privileged, Sadie’s biggest worries are making friends, and having the right clothes (and not necessarily in that order, either). But then Sadie’s invited to join a secret society that supposedly boosts it members to wealth and power, while doing good works in the world: the ultimate service club, complete with hoods and hazing rituals (like you do). Sadie decides to join, but the weirdness level ramps up immediately when she starts investigating the club’s history, and discovers its true purpose.

As the fish out of water, Sadie’s likeable enough. She’s just an average teen, interested in clothes and boys, who finds herself way in over her head. True to form, she’s got a small pack of friends and allies who get her out of tough jams, and help her unravel the mystery. It’s like a very posh episode of Scooby Doo, with perfectly timed horrifying reveals, and while the good guys do win the day, Friend leaves the door wide open for a sequel (200+-year-old secret societies rarely cave after just one defeat, even if it’s a big one). No surprises here, really: just a straightforward, fun thriller, and also a good pick for reluctant readers, who will like Friend’s focus on plot rather than character or description.


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