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It’s about that time: these books are due back at the library today, no excuses, so here are my mini-reviews. Starting At Zero: His Own Story, Jimi Hendrix. Peter Neal, one of the editorial brainchildren behind this project, thought it would be a good idea if somebody rounded up Jimi Hendrix’s personal writings, edited them […]

This volume caught my eye while I was browsing for books in the International Poetry room. Between the title and the cover, I was pretty much hooked, and the contents did not disappoint. Volume eight in the Secret Weavers series, this collection of work by Latin American women poets is edited by Marjorie Agosin.  Like […]

Patricia Hill Collins’s work, Black Feminist Thought, is required reading for anybody attempting to understand Black feminism. I’m really grateful I read it before some of the other books on my challenge list, because it provides a cogent theoretical framework for understanding the concerns of other women, writing both fiction and non-fiction, that I’ve encountered […]

This wonderful collection of gentle, socially conscious, poems is a no-brainer choice for anyone who was already a Walker fan, but it is a nice introduction to her and her major themes/concerns as well.The subtitle, Turning Madness Into Flowers, is an indication that these are poems about transformation, namely the manure of everyday life into the […]

Here are short summaries of three books that have to go back to the library today. It’s a shame–they deserve full-fledged essays, and, in at least one case, a dissertation. These mini-reviews should, however, help you decide if you would be interested in the stories told. Bitch is the New Black, Helena Andrews. If you […]

If I haven’t mentioned lately just how much I’m appreciating all the leads I receive from For Harriet, let me do so now. Thanks to the writers there, I found my third challenge for the year, one that is going to take quite some time, but will definitely be worthwhile. The list is called 100 […]

My perception is that this month went by really fast. Once again, I managed to read more books than I made time to review, but I did review more books this year than I did last year. Given the limited number of hours in a day, I suppose I’d rather be reading than reviewing what I […]