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This collection came across my radar via Poets & Writers, one of my favorite ways to keep up with poetry, small press literature, etc. I have to admit that the cover seduced me, too: not just with the hat–though that’s an obvious why–but also with the pointed look of inquiry in the eyes.  The librarian […]

Nikky Finney’s collection of poems, The World is Round, was recommended in the comments thread of a blog post, thus proving that the comments thread of a blog post is not always a morass of despair. Sometimes it’s where you find the most interesting things. My gut reaction to this volume is, simply, respect. Finney’s work […]

This is my official sign-up post for the 2014 Dive Into Poetry Challenge. As it turned out, nobody was really interested in the Jesmyn Ward ARC. This is a pity, but since the book has been published, understandable. I’ll hang on to it in case anyone changes their mind later. I’ve now reached the point in […]

How much do I love advance reading copies? A lot. Although the trend seems to be moving toward digital ARCs, there are still plenty of print ones floating around in my professional universe for the time being, and I snag them every chance I get (if you’ve been on the receiving end of a flying elbow […]

Dr. Maya Angelou has had an amazing life, and every time she reveals a little bit more of her serial biography, readers learn more and more about just how deep the roots of that amazing go. Angelou’s latest book revolves, as its title implies, around her relationship with her mother, Vivian Baxter. The loving portrait […]

Thursday is a stand-up comic and serial dater, staying with each guy for about a month before she dumps him and moves on. Lately, though, she’s been having dreams about running after a man and accepting his proposal, which she takes as a sign that maybe she needs to try a different approach to dating. […]

Claire of the Sea Light is the story of a little girl, the Haitian village where she lives, and the relationship between her individual life and the collective life of the community. The seaside town of Ville Rose is populated by fisherman and merchants, the very poor and the very wealthy living side by side. […]