August Reading Summary


I never did “catch up” after vacation. On anything. That’s not a complaint. I didn’t realize how hard I was working, and how hard I was being on myself, until I got away from it all and could just be.

So, I moved through the world in a slightly more relaxed fashion in August. The things that need to be done got done, on time. I didn’t feel quite as much pressure to go above and beyond, though I certainly did when and if I felt like it…and much to my surprise, the less pressure I put on myself to do so, the more I felt like doing it.

Reading-wise, that means I kept to a slightly more leisurely pace and, once again, skipped reviews. This is kind of a pity, because there were some darned good ones this month, reads that made it hard to pick a favorite. However, Phillip Meyer’s The Son ends up getting the nod for sheer quality of the writing. I didn’t know jack about Texas history when I started it, but darned if I don’t want to learn now! Really solid, structure-wise, and the guy obviously did his homework; he’s also created characters who, though not very likeable, encapsulate the birth and development of a state. Good stuff.

Here are the totals.

Fiction: 5

Non-fiction: 6

Poetry: 1

Graphic Novel: 1

August total: 13

YTD total: 122

Although I think I forgot to mention it last time, I focused on completing books for the Books and Movies 2013 Essay Challenge. I was able to knock off two collections, and am happily ensconced in a third. I also managed to complete the poetry challenge by accident, as it only required reading two volumes of poetry, something I’ll consider carefully in 2014 if I decide to do any reading challenges then.

And for September, I’m going to do my darndest to make some progress on the Embarrassment of Riches TBR Reading Challenge. My house is filled with books, many of which are half-read, and all of which I plan to finish “someday.” “Someday” and “September” both start with S, so there you go.

How’s your reading these days?


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