Ridiculously Late July Reading Recap


Mid-July, my family and I took a week’s vacation somewhere warm and sunny, with no internet access. It was wonderful. Nothing to do except goof off and read!

We returned, of course, to tons of unread e-mail, and things to do. I’m officially so far “behind” on everything that I’ll probably never catch up. I’m strangely at peace with this. So much of what we think is important really isn’t….or, at least, isn’t urgent, if it is actually important.

Still, I don’t want to fall so far behind on my reading log that I never catch up. So here’s the important stuff:

1) My July goal was to read primarily for the Literary Exploration Reading Challenge. I managed to knock off 12 genres, either by deliberately seeking them out or slotting books I’d already checked out into the correct genre. I was pleasantly surprised at how much of my reading fit naturally in there somewhere, though I did go in search of things I normally don’t read. Like adventure. I had to puzzle over what that might even mean, but the Goodreads suggestions were pretty diverse, and I found something I enjoyed. I also had to especially hunt down a classic, because I’d read so many in school, and didn’t want to repeat. But that, too, was a good experience, leading me to something I wouldn’t have considered.

2) My favorite book this month came from this challenge, Timothy Hallinan’s Crashed, which I filed under “Noir.” It’s delicious, contemporary noir, and now I want to read all of his other books. Junior Bender is a thief. A well-read, self-educated, highly intelligent thief who has a heart of gold, but doesn’t mind working for wealthy clients with bad designs on other people’s property. Still, even the greats can get caught, and Junior is first trapped, then blackmailed, by a client who wants him to do something really unsavory involving a former child star and a porn film. Junior reluctantly takes the job, but spends most of the novel looking for an angle that will get everyone–especially him–off scott free. You have to read the book to see if he can pull it off, but it’s a wild ride worth taking.


Fiction: 18 (gotta love vacations)

Non-fiction: 5

Graphic Novels: 1

Monthly total: 24

YTD total: 109

Whew. It’s a relief to get that down before it’s time to write up the August report. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll even be able to sneak in a book review…


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