June Challenge Report


Another month of reading gone by, and now the year is half over. Hard to believe. I read quite a few books this month, and some were very good, but none were amazing, so in a way I felt like it was a wasted month. Of course it really wasn’t, because I learned a lot, but every reader, I think, longs for the book that’s going to jump out and grab them, transport them elsewhere.

It didn’t happen. Oh well.

One thing that did happen is that, as as promised, I read a few books for the 2013 Witch’s Reading Challenge. A few observations are in order:

1) I had a really hard time getting my hands on books. This is because the shelf selection is woefully thin, as the books are frequently checked out. To finish this challenge, I will probably have to place a lot more holds and request things from other libraries. Luckily, our clerks are aces, and I’m pretty sure nobody’s going to give me the stink-eye for my choice of reading material.

2) There were a few awkward silences on Facebook, though. Every day I give a summary of a book I’m reading; these are normally well-received with “likes” and comments. Whenever I would talk about witchy books, though, these decreased significantly, leaving me to wonder if some people were silently judging me, or perhaps just didn’t know what to say.

Pretty mild, though. Apart from one person joking, “Burn the witch,” (I know the guy, it was a joke) nobody said anything. It would’ve been nice, however, to have had an actual dialogue. But I suppose one can’t have everything. And if you deliberately explore positions that make people uncomfortable, you have to be prepared for the social price you will pay. I’d say I get off pretty easy, compared to the prejudice and harassment actual Wiccans and Neo-pagans face every day.

On to the totals.

Fiction: 5

Nonfiction: 8

Poetry: 1

Plays: 1

Monthly total: 15

YTD total: 85

I thought I would have finished more by now, and it’s kind of humbling. I honestly don’t know how some challenge participants do it: all the reading, and the lengthy, detailed reviewing. It just goes to show that, no matter how hard-core you are about something, there is always going to be somebody more intense than you are. If you’re smart, you will see those people as examples of possibility, rather than as reasons to quit.

Favorite book this month? Eh. If I have to pick one, I’ll give the edge to The Humanity Project, which was pretty much a novel about people being people. A nice middle-of-the road read.

Favorite book this quarter: Oh, Life After Life, no contest.

I managed to finish the Wishlist Challenge by accident (only 12 books required, easy-peasy), so it’s time to move on to making more progress on the 2013 Literary Exploration Reading Challenge. There are a lot of genres in it I normally don’t read / enjoy, so I figure I’d best get to it. Also, I only need to read one more poetry book to finish the poetry challenge, so I can probably knock that out, too.

How’s your reading going?


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