May 2013 Reading Recap


Another month of heavy reading, light reviewing. At least I finished one!

My main task in May was to get cracking on reading books for the 2013 Middle East Reading Challenge, since I hadn’t read anything for it yet. I finished three, am halfway through a handful more, and have plenty of leads for further reading, thanks to kind, well-informed friends. So I feel like that one’s under control.

In June I’m choosing to focus on books for the Domestic Witch 2013 Witch’s Reading Challenge. I imagine this will cause some eyebrow-raising and consternation among some of my social groups, but I chose this challenge for a reason: many people are still woefully misinformed about witches and pagans, who they are, what they believe, how they practice.  In many parts of the country, it’s still not entirely safe to be “out of the broom closet,” as it were, and openly wearing articles of your faith, or speaking about your beliefs in public, can get you fired, cause you to have your children taken away from you (usually by a spiteful ex or bigoted grandparents), or open you up to street harassment. I’m very proud to have friends of all faiths and no faith, so I’m participating in this challenge in the spirit of fostering open inquiry and understanding; I hope we can have good conversations about the books I’ll be reading (non-fiction more so than fiction).

As for the May numbers, here’s what I read.

Fiction: 4 books

Non-fiction: 7 books

There you have it. No poetry or graphic novels this month, situations that will be rectified in time.

I have somehow completely mucked up my running total, so I’m just going to go by what I’ve got in my now completely up-to-date challenge log. So my official “books read total” for 2013 so far is 70 books, which methinks, is Not Too Shabby.

Going forward, however, I’m going to keep records the old-fashioned way, with a damn pencil, and just copy it over into the blog each month. Roll your eyes if you like, but paper and pen have never failed me, and I’m certainly not going to give up on them now.


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