April Catch-up, May Progress


The one downside to being a swift, voracious reader is that the record-keeping end becomes a pain in the ass. Once upon a time we just made lists, on paper, and we liked it! Blog updating is not difficult, but it is tedious, in comparison. I honestly don’t know how some other book bloggers do it.

The reading itself, however, remains a joy, and I managed to polish off a LOT of books in April. Totals are:

Fiction: 6

Non-fiction: 9

Graphic Novels: 2

April total: 17

Year-to-date total: 66

Favorite book in AprilLife After Life, Kate Atkinson. Holy. Crap. Downton Abbey meets Doctor Who (specifically, “Let’s Kill Hitler”). Ursula Todd is born, dies, and is then reborn again…as Ursula Todd. Over and over and over again until she gets it right. But what is “right”? As Ursula starts to remember her re-births, she also begins to wonder if she’s going crazy…but the more she remembers, the more she learns, and the greater her sense of mission grows. A wonderful tale of English history and human potential for the timey-wimey wibbly-wobbly set.

As for May, I haven’t finished a whole lot of books just yet–there’s a LOT going on at work, and in my personal life. Nothing awful, just time-consuming, which means no reviews thus far. I hope to knock out at least one before the month is over.

I noticed that I hadn’t even started a single book for the 2013 Middle Eastern Reading Challenge, so I found a great list of books from that region of the world, and started reading. It’s heavy stuff, for the most part, but there’s so much diversity that I’m really enjoying it. I wish somebody had taught me about non-Western lit somewhere along the line in school, but at least school taught me HOW to think, and research, and learn for myself.

At some point I will add all the titles of what I’ve read so far in April and May to the Challenge Tracker page, but it’s such a gorgeous day. I don’t feel like sitting here and linking when I could be enjoying the sunshine. I’ve got that piece of paper handy, though, so at some point I will do the drudge work and update the damn thing. In the meantime, if you want to talk books, feel free to leave a comment, or message me privately, if you know the secret codes.


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