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Title: Missed Connections Author / Illustrator: Sophie Blackall Genre: Graphic novel Length: 128 pages Library: Northland Public Library Challenge: Graphic Novel 2013 Challenge Summary: An artist gets the brilliant idea to illustrate scenes drawn from the “Missed Connections” section of Craigslist. Analysis Great ideas always seem so obvious in retrospect, don’t they? Blackall became enamored of the […]

Title: The Dinner Author: Herman Koch Translator: Sam Garrett Genre: Literary fiction Length: 292 pages Library: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh–Main Challenge: Library Books Reading Challenge 2013 Summary: Two wealthy couples go out to dinner. Chaos gradually ensues. Analysis Certain phrases are thrown around when all hell breaks loose: “He was quiet, kept to himself.” “She […]

Title: Give Me Everything You Have: On Being Stalked Author: James Lasdun Genre: Memoir Length: 218 pages Library: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh–Main Challenge: Wishlist Challenge 2013 Summary: A novelist and writing professor pens an extremely literary account of being digitally stalked by a former student. Analysis It’s happened to almost everyone, I’m certain: you think […]

Title: The Next Time You See Me Author: Holly Goddard Jones Genre: Suspense Length: 372 pages Library: Penn Hills Challenge: Library Books Reading Challenge 2013 Summary: When a woman with a bad reputation goes missing, the investigation opens up a can of class warfare worms. Analysis Small-town life can be rough, especially if you’re from what used to be […]

Title: How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia Author: Mohsin Hamid Genre: Literary fiction Length: 228 pages Library: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh — Main Challenge: Library Books Reading Challenge 2013 Summary: A young man’s rise from obscurity to wealth, framed in the rhetoric of a how-to book. Analysis America isn’t the only country where […]

April. I decided, after my last post, that if I hadn’t cleaned up my backlog of reviews by the new quarter, I’d simply list and tally the books I’d read, then start afresh. It would’ve been nice to have a full-length, thoughtful review for everything I read this past quarter, but I’m also a fan […]