February Challenge Wrap-up


Another month of reading a lot of books (though a few less than last month), and dawdling over reviews. I agonize over reviews, because they’re the best tool for matching a book to the people who will really enjoy/appreciate it. It’s also partially a Hermione Granger perfectionist thing, but never mind (hee). Someday I’ll blog about my grand unified theory of book reviewing, but not today. Today, we have numbers to crunch.

Total books read in February = 14

Total books reviewed (Feb.) =7 (all books read in Jan.)

Feb. fiction =5

Total fiction = 11

Feb. non-fiction =8

Total non-fiction =17

Feb. graphic novels = o

Total graphic novels = 1

Feb. poetry = 1

Total poetry = 1

2013 running total overall = 30

Favorite book read this month = Code Name Verity, Elizabeth Wein. Oh my God, so good. I don’t even know how I’m going to review it, it’s so good. I need to sit with it a little longer, but trust me, it’s worth the wait, especially if you like historical fiction and YA lit.

So, 30 books finished in two months. Interesting. I’m definitely enjoying the finishing of things, though the sampling of things is still a marvelous experience. To have my cake and eat it too, I try to stick to one book during the week, and sample/dabble on weekends. I’m surprised at how quickly I can finish a book, though, even when it’s the only one I’m reading.

More reviews to come. Stay tuned…


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