Book Review: 40 Days to Personal Revolution



Title: 40 Days to Personal Revolution

Author: Baron Baptiste

Genre: Non-fiction / mind-body-spirit

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Length: 250 pages

Library: Bridgeville Public Library

Challenge: Library Books Reading Challenge 2013

Summary: An experienced yoga practitioner outlines his holistic program for better health and happiness.


If you’ve practiced yoga for a while, you’ve probably heard of Baron Baptiste. In this book, the longtime teacher-practitioner spells out his philosophy via a six-week wellness program that involves both yoga practice as well as paying attention to nutrition and one’s emotional/spiritual health. The material is designed for people who already have a heavy investment in their own personal well-being, and the yoga practices could be considered medium to advanced, depending on your self-confidence and practical experience.

In part one, Baptiste sets down his “twelve laws of personal transformation,” in which he outlines his personal philosophy. It’s an expansive one, using examples from all of the major religions, to illustrate the point that everybody’s on a path (the number of references to Jesus seem, in particular, designed to make Christians more comfortable with concepts that pop up more frequently in Eastern philosophies). Part two delivers the nuts and bolts of the six-week program; each week has a theme, and the yoga postures, nutrition guidance, and other details are designed to conform with that theme. Finally, part three explains how you can retain the benefits of the program in your everyday life, and offers a series of modified daily practices to help you do that.

There’s a lot of good stuff here, but beginners will definitely find it overwhelming, and unless you and Baptiste share similar views, you might want to just jump ahead to part two, for science, and see if the program is going to be beneficial for you. This reviewer is not nearly deep enough into her yoga practice to attempt some of this stuff, so she can’t vouch for efficacy of the asanas; however, as with any self-help book, you get out of it what you put into it, so consider this a challenging, exciting opportunity for anyone who’s ready to commit to an intense program of inner exploration.

Recommended for: serious yogis/yoginis who incorporate both spiritual and physical practices into their lifestyle.


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