January Challenge Wrap-up


That was, quite possibly, the fastest January ever. I read quite a few books for my challenges, but didn’t make it around to reviewing all of them. That’s why there’s a review pile standing next to my coffee table, silently urging me to pick up the pace. Alas, I can read much more quickly than I can review, and since I want to write useful reviews, that pile will just have to stay patient.

Some numbers:

Total books read = 16

Total books reviewed = 6

Fiction = 6

Non-fiction = 9

Graphic novels = 1

Favorite book read this month = A Rule Against Murder, Louise Penny, which is sitting in the review pile. If I end up writing a collection of poems in which the average American’s lack of information about Canada serves as a metaphor for the way children process death, I’m crediting Ms. Penny, who has opened up a whole new geography for me, so to speak.

15 books a month isn’t too shabby, but I’ll have to pick up the pace if I want to finish all these challenges, and take on more. Which I do. You’ll have to start nagging, I fear.

How did your January reading go? Anything interesting to report?


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