Getting Organized. Also, Wishlist Challenge


I’ve put up a challenge tracking page, for easier record-keeping / linking, and updated the “About” section so that anyone beyond the half-dozen friends of mine who will follow this adventure will know what kind of madwoman they’re dealing with (hee).

Another challenge came across my path, too – one that fits me perfectly. It’s the Wishlist Challenge for 2013, and since my wishlist is currently two notebooks long, this will be a good opportunity to knock down twelve items from it. Here are the first 12 books at the beginning of the first notebook (might as well be impartial):

  1. Beyond Success, Jeffrey Gitterman
  2. City Bound, Gerald Frug
  3. Future Scenarios, David Holmgren
  4. Honor Yourself, Patricia Spadaro
  5. Counter Clockwise, Ellen Langer
  6. The Organic Kitchen Garden, Juliet Roberts
  7. Crash Course in Cataloging for Non-Catalogers, Allison Kaplan
  8. Give Peace A Deadline, Nathan Otto
  9. Organizing Your Day, Sandra Felton
  10. The Power of Acceptance, Judith Bemis
  11. Digital Barbarism, Mark Helprin
  12. What to Read When, Pam Allyn

Just by glancing at those titles you know that:

  1. I read a lot of non-fiction. This is partially because of my job. I work with and purchase for the largest non-fiction collection in the county, so of course it’s in my best professional interest to keep up with it. And knowing  a little bit about a lot of things is an advantage for a reference librarian, because you never know what someone is going to ask you. But it’s also because the real world knocks me out more than fiction does. Good fiction can tell you a lot about the world, but I mostly read fiction to escape. Non-fiction is real-world, immediate, “what do we do now?” stuff, very interesting, and badly needed.
  2. I like to learn things. It’s highly unlikely I’ll be called upon to do any cataloging, but I’d like to refresh my knowledge so I can work better with my cataloger colleagues. Having a kitchen garden could be fun, or a disaster–who can say, unless I try? Books that introduce me to new skills, and let me mess around with new projects for science, with low stakes if I fail, are awesome.
  3. I’m into self-improvement. Not that I think there’s anything horribly wrong with me. But I like to be open to the possibility that I could grow. “Could” is a fabulous word, because it gives you options, and I like to explore all the options. I don’t necessarily believe I should do everything I read about, but the point is to be open to suggestions, because face it: you don’t know what you don’t know. Books can point it out, and gently push you in new directions.

So, yeah, I’m a nerd. Don’t worry. There will be plenty of novels read this year, too, provided I can find a good sci-fi / fantasy challenge…

What’s on your wishlist?


2 Responses to “Getting Organized. Also, Wishlist Challenge”

  1. 1 Sarah Louise

    ooh, that Cataloging Crash course book looks interesting. Though RDA is going to be a whole new sea-change. I always laugh that I became a cataloger, seeing as I was afraid of failing that class in LIS. My wish list? At the top, the new one about Madeleine L’Engle by Leonard Marcus. And my brother gave me the Joe Queenan book about books for Christmas.


    • I was afraid of failing that class, too! It really helped me be a better reference librarian, though. I think you will like the Marcus – report back on the Queenan!!

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