2013: The Year of Reading Challenges


I’ve created this blog specifically to sign up for and participate in reading challenges during 2013. Although I’ve been reading since I was two, am never more than a foot away from a book at any given time, have two degrees in literature and actually work in a library (where my card is always at the max checkout limit and I have my own holds shelf), I have never participated in a reading challenge. Ever.

I know, right? Completely unacceptable. Hence this blog.

Because my personal motto is “Go big or go home,” I’ll be signing up for every reading challenge that appeals to me, and shoot for the highest possible goal in each challenge. So far today, I’ve found three challenges that appeal to my sense of adventure.

1) The 2013 Literary Exploration Reading Challenge. Although I’m not a Goodreads member for ethical reasons–nobody sells my reviews to a database vendor without paying me a dime for my hard work–I’ll be doing this challenge anyway, because it’s a lively romp through a whole whack of genres. How can I resist a challenge that has a level called “Insane” and includes both steampunk and Victorian as genres? Sold to the lady in black…

2) The Peek-A-Book 2013 Women Challenge. Here the goal is to read books by women authors, something I could always stand to do more of. The “Wonder Woman” level is 16+ books by women.

3) The Books and Movies 2013 Essay Challenge. Essays are great, and I enjoy them, but I never make the time to deliberately seek out more of them. Now is the chance! There’s even a suggested reading list to get you started, if you’re not super-essay-savvy.

So, there’s that. I hope you’ll follow along as I read, make copious suggestions, and maybe even participate in some of the challenges with me! Although I won’t start reading until 1/1/13, I will mostly likely sign up for more challenges between now and then, so stay tuned.


11 Responses to “2013: The Year of Reading Challenges”

  1. Welcome to the Essay Challenge! Glad to have you reading along. 🙂

  2. 3 Don

    Well, at least you won’t be busy this year … how do you do it?

  3. 5 Paperback Writer

    Of course you would. 🙂

  4. A big year for challenges, I’m glad you joined in the fun in exploring literature 🙂

  5. Thanks for participating!
    I’m so honored that mine is one of your first reading challenges! 🙂


  6. Hi there!
    Here is the sign up page for the 2014 “Women Challenge”:


    Hope you join us again!


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