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The more I explore the world of reading challenges, which was apparently a known quantity to¬†everybody but me, the more amazed I get. There’s a challenge for just about everything! I feel like the proverbial kid in the candy store, and I’m super-excited about all the new things I can’t possibly avoid learning in 2013. […]

I’ve put up a challenge tracking page, for easier record-keeping / linking, and updated the “About” section so that anyone beyond the half-dozen friends of mine who will follow this adventure will know what kind of madwoman they’re dealing with (hee). Another challenge came across my path, too – one that fits me perfectly. It’s […]

I’ve created this blog specifically to sign up for and participate in reading challenges during 2013. Although I’ve been reading since I was two, am never more than a foot away from a book at any given time, have two degrees in literature and actually work in a library (where my card is always at […]